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​Affordable CNC Machine Kits

Footprint: 1486mm x 1013mm at the base (58.5in x 39.9in)

*Measured from base at default size

Work Area: ~1260mm x 760mm x 140mm (49.5in x 30in x 6in)

with ~150 mm (6 in) of clearance from the work bed to the bottom

of the z-axis assembly * Default size

Rapids: 12,700 mm/min (500 in/min) Recommended,

22,860 mm/min (900 in/min) Maximum

Plate Material: 6.35mm thick (.25in) 6061-T6 aluminum

Rail Material: 6061-T6 aluminum Open Rail for x and y axis,

stainless steel for z-axis

Belting: 15mm wide, 3mm pitch GT2

Ball Screw: 16mm diameter, 300mm length, 5mm pitch

Stepper Motor Size: 380oz Nema 23/24

*Nema 34 with future motor plate upgrade

Max Supported Spindle Size: 3kw

Repeatability: .025mm - .05mm (.001in - .002in)

Accuracy: +- .127mm (.005in)

Extrusions expandable up to:  1500mm x 2000mm (59.1in x 78.7in)


For the emerging entrepreneur or the hard-core hobbyist, consider the Routakit HD. Built along the same innovative design as the Routakit SD, the Routakit HD is our heavy duty machine. Stronger, faster, and better suited for those really tough jobs, the Routakit HD features 1/4" thick aluminum plates, a significantly stiffer and longer gantry made from three 4080 aluminum extrusions, increased clearance, wider belts, a taller ball screw, and steel wheels/steel rail for the z-axis assembly.

The Routakit HD can also be paired with the optional Gecko 540 inside an all aluminum enclosure, four 380 oz Nema 24 Stepper motors, and four proximity sensors for commercial-like performance.

the routakit hd

The Routakit HD has been almost a year in the making. Its roots can be traced back to the ever popular Shapeoko 2, arguably the best light duty desktop CNC you can buy. If not for the efforts of Edward Ford (Founder of Shapeoko) and that of others we would not be where we're at now. After owning our own Shapeoko 2 and spending a lot of time modding and upgrading it for our own projects we have been inspired and motivated to push the boundaries of open source CNC machines, thus the Routakit HD was born.

If you have any questions about our machines, website, or anything CNC related please contact us and we'll be happy to get back to you.

Please read our design and build thread for the Routakit HD (named the HDX) at the Shapeoko forums for a look at how it all started and the journey that it took to get it to where it is now. 

Where it all began